Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing, dating back over 5,000 years.  It’s main purpose is to bring the body back into balance.  Where western medicine focuses on the disease or disorder, Ayurveda looks at the person as a whole and begins the healing process from the inside out.  

Ayurvedic practitioners asks many questions: from how you look on the outside to how your body works internally.  How do you sleep?  Are you prone to eating and sleeping during times of stress or are you unable to eat or sleep?  Is your hair thin or thick, long or short?  Since we’re all so different, it only makes sense that certain illnesses or disorders are different in all of us.  Ayurveda helps to get the root cause of your particular imbalance and heals it with a regimen of lifestyle adjustments.  For some, it might mean a complete shift in lifestyle management.  You’ve heard the saying “if you don’t have your health then you don’t have anything”.  Give yourself the chance to see your health and lifestyle from a new perspective. 

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