A Beginner’s Guide to Mediation and Self Awareness

Hello and welcome!  A Beginner’s Guide to Mediation and Self Awareness Program is designed to teach you the basics you will need to begin a regular practice in meditation.  Through meditation, comes self awareness.  The tools you will gain throughout this program will allow you to explore the different styles of meditation and discover which one/s may work for you.  Each one of us is unique and each of our practices will be equally as unique.  While there may be more than one person who can identify with a certain “style” of meditation, how you grow from your experience and how you interpret your particular path may be similar, but will never be exact.  This is how beauty lies in self exploration.  So be patient with yourself, and others, and enjoy the ride to peace.

Program objectives include…

  1. Learning how the breath can control the mind. 
  2. Understanding negative stress and the classic bodily cues.
  3. Having an increased sense of self awareness. 
  4. Experiencing a more relaxed state of mind.
  5. Understanding the different philosophies behind meditation practices and choosing which style works for you. 
  6. Having a better sense of basic elemental theory. 
  7. Engaging in a regular, consistent meditation practice.
  8. Having a better understanding of the natural world. 

Program Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction, what meditation is and isn’t, different meditation practices, learning how to breathe.

Lesson 2: Stress and physiology and how meditation affects the mind/body connection. Introduction to mantra meditation.

Lesson 3: Introduction to basic elemental theory and Ayurveda. Learn about the elements of earth, water, fire and air and how they present in the mind and body systems.

Lesson 4: Introduction to the chakra system and chakra balancing meditation.

Lesson 5: Spirituality in nature and spirit animal meditation.